Irtifa = Altitude

Once, I was high! You know… so high it gets insane!

That’s it! Summer and hot weather has come to an end since a few months now… By the end of september I knew I was going to be nostalgic about this so nice period of the year in the northern emisphere! As we say, every good thing has an end. But this year, it was quite a memorable one!

Since two, or maybe even three years now, I’ve been dreaming about going to this famous acro spot called Ölüdeniz on the south coast of Turkey. This place is known to be one of the most beautiful place to paraglide. The altitude there is just amazing! After a straight flight, you can have no less than 1500m above the deep blue sea, and when I say deep blue I mean it! All this air to express yourself while feeling safe is a pure marvel that is always too fast consumed tumble after tumble, trick after trick. Yes, definitely, after my second APWC season, I had no reason to refuse an invitation at the 14th Ölüdeniz Air Games!


In this little town near Fethiye, the people are quite friendly and were just happy to see all of us performing our passion during this event full of aerial activities. Together with Axel Gudelius, Sepp’ Bauer and Yves Hohl we made a little bit of synchro. It was so good to share tricks with them and to spend some times with all the good friends we flew and party with! You know… pleasure are always better when shared! I really want to give a huge thanks to the whole organization team and to Kadri for this awesome week spent there!

To give you a little taste of this, here’s a video that summarize well what has happend there! Enjoy!

Lakeside playin'

Weather’s poor? Unfold your wing, take pictures!

Lately with my enthousiastic friend photographer Olivier Wenger, we met to take a bunch of pictures at the lake of Geneva’s shore. The goal was to change the context where paragliding is always shown to the people, blue sky, cumulus everywhere, mountains… Here’s two pictures of the results, if you want to see the whole serie, just go on facebook! Thanks a lot to Olivier for the great shots!

Facing the waves

Water touch'

Elsefly 2013, Acroshow in flat lands!

Flying acro in the Netherlands? Does it surprise you?


Afew weeks ago I went up in Hasselt, a little town two hours at the east of Amsterdam. I travelled there to make an acroshow for Elsefly, a very friendly paramotor event in this country where free flying is doable only with the help of a winch, d-bags or with some rollovers… It was really great to see the reaction of the people who are not used to see acro in their area and very pleasant to do some tricks over the fields filled with cows, grass, trees, ducks and so on. Basically, I made two showflights, the first was a D-bag from a trike and the second with the winch. Both were quite fun and I’m looking forward to make some other trike D-bags, especially because of the front-flip exit, funky! I had a great time in this event with some very friendly people! Thanks again to Pascal, Jacco, and all the other kind person I met there!

the team

If you have the opportunity to go in the Netherland and fly paramotor, I really recommend you to give it a go with the Luchtsport Centrum Overijssel!

And don’t forget to take a tour on the Elsefly’s website

The famous battle of Sonchaux Acro Show

Would you dare taking part to the acro battle?

ALast week-end of august was filled with a very pleasant surprise for me. Getting up on thursday, my phone rings: “Hey Fred! Would you take part to the Sonchaux Acro Show and make the battle?” And boom, I knew the week end was going to be good but this news was just awesome and made my day! The first day of the event we made the pool’s battle and I had to fight against Ricky Kahn, Gaetan Dolliguez and Tim alongi to be in quarter final! After that began the serious flights! I fought against Horacio Llorrens and gave all my best to be as clean as him but you know… he’s still the world champion, he flies really clean!

Sunshine groundspiral!

Finally, after three days of fighting against other cool acro pilots and searching for good weather, I ended up 8th of the competition on sunday evening under a heavy champagne shower, tired and really happy! Like at each end of acro show, I don’t want it to end… this event is so nice, saying good bye to everybody is far to hard and long! Thanks a lot to my partners, the organization commitee and the photographers Julien Grosso and Olivier Wenger for their work!

take a quick tour on


Rock on!

Acrojam 2013, certified helmet!

Wow ! What a life ! Since five weeks now, I haven’t stop moving from event to event!

Acromax in Italy, Meiringen Swiss XC Open, Acrolake Swiss championship in Brienz, a few training day in Mürren, Verbier and so on! And Last week was Acrojam! This famous acro competition happenend in Obertraun, Austria. The spot is one of the best I’ve been to fly acro. 1200m over the box, you can easily free your mind with six or seven tricks There! Hehe! This comp’ was the “unnatural” one for me, I did a lot of tricks to my opposite side and sometimes it felt really weird especially the first turn of tumble was the weirdest for sure! I’ve scored 18th at this event!

Results Overall Acrojam APWC 2013 SOLO


Ground spiral! Water or not?

And Oups! Due to the sad events happening in Gerlitzen, the Austrian homeplace of lots of acropilots. the Acrojam organisation has been really strict about the equipment, especially the helmets… I have been obliged to buy a new Plusmax for 100€. Such a great pleasure…

Beautiful certified helmet

Acrolake 2013 in Brienz

After two bad weather’s days, we had an awesome competition!

Last week-end, the 7th Acrolake Swiss championship and APWC Synchro took place in the beautiful town of Brienz. The whole event has been organized by the friendly crew of the acroclub Berner Oberland which has done a very great job. The full event was really nicely organized, full of demos, a nice event’s place and a really motivated staff team even with one canceled day and another waiting day due to the rain… But what’s about flying? As I’m now performing really cool antyrithmic and Esferas under my N-Gravity 3 and as the scoring system has a new rule which remove you 13% of the choreography mark if you repeat a trick, I was really happy to be able to perform two more high coefficient tricks for sure! The Swiss french guys really ruled the comp’ this year and achieved some marvellous results, the coolest thing is that our friend Jérémy Peclard from Villeneuve won the competition with 32.778 points which is really a lot! Personnaly, I scored 7th with a warning that cost me the 5th rank, it’s a shame but anyway, the fun and the great time was there! This is what paragliding is about! Here’s a Bunch of pictures and the official results.

Here are the results


The whole swiss championship 2013 pilots

This competition was last week end and now I’m at the Acrojam World cup in Obertraun, Austria. I really want to thank my friends Julien Grosso and Luc Hentsch from for all the pictures that they have taken during this event. And to finish, here’s the video of my first run!

Ground spiral in Brienz

AcroMax World Cup Day two

Finally, here’s a little summary of the second day flying at AcroMax!

Hey guys! The second day of the AcroMax Competition has passed and it certainely was the last for me! With my 7.832 points first run, I ranked 2Xth. The goal with the new rule of this year is to reapet the less manoeuvres as possible to avoid choreography penalty, so it was a matter of strategy for me since the first run. I choosed for my second run to make the following tricks: Rythmic right, Tumbling right, Misty left to heli to sat. This, I performed really well, the tumbles exits were clean and the rest of the planned run was ok! The interesting thing is coming now, after having finnished all this, I had lot of altitude left and the wind drift was pretty strong, actually, it was even a bit bumpy all along the run! My tricks exits were in the wind and this pushed me towards the mountains, I made a poor looping exiting from the sat and 2 minutes of transition to go back to the raft. My run was killed, I was pretty sure to have a warning due to my proximity with the mountain and my choreography has been knocked out by the transition…shame. And the landing? Yeah right, please don’t ask me any questions.


So altogether, for me this run was half good, half bad. And it pushed me to the 25th place out of 31th. My goal was to finnish the competition in the 20 firsts and I haven’t achieved this due to bad box placement and tricks exit regarding the wind drift and bad improvisation when my planned run was finnished. But no matter what, It still is a pleasure to fly in a unknown place with good people, I learned some of my weaknesses and for sure, I’ll work on them to rock on the next world cup, Acrojam in Krippenstein, Austria.

The Niviuk team

But I wasn’t on my own! The friends from the Niviuk team have made a great job! Eliot Nochez scored 5th and Lionel 8th which is really awesome. The two guys have performed some antirythmic or esfera during the competition and not a single cell was deflated while going down to sat from vertical tumbling. This is one of the flight characteristics that helped them to obtain a big run coefficient to get as much point as possible! A big applause to both of them for their great runs!

AcroMax World Cup day one

Buongiorno! Here’s a little review of the first day flying at the Acro World Cup competition AcroMax in Udine, Italy.

AAt first, I’d like to say that after last year, the overall acro level has increased a lot. All the pilots are pulling some super heavy and fluid Mc Twists to heli and it’s really cool to see that. I’m feeling like “Wow! I must train, things are getting serious here!” But what’s about the Swiss dudes? So, we’re pretty much in the whole ranking from 7th to 30th. Lionel has mastered a huge run with a wet but still great spiral landing and a pretty neat anti-rythmic, Karim showed us his McTwist to heli and Jeremy made a magnificent spiral wingtip touch landing. Personnaly, I’m not quite queen on my today’s performance.

acroMax's take off

My run was the following: infinity with right tumble entry, misty right to misty left, sat to heli. If to much altitude, I had in plan to make a dynamic full stall after a pair of wingovers. This was supposed to place me at a nice altitude for my spiral landing and, with luck…to raft! That’s the theory, and as you probably know, it often doesn’t match with reality! And the reality was: infinity but not so good tumble entry, had to correct the axis 3 times, misty right to “OH my wing is turning!” to poor spin to unhappy Fred, Ok misty right to misty left, ok sat to heli, gentle spiral to lose altitude… (worst thing ever), water spiral landing.
This placed me at the 21st position, which is still not to bad regarding my personnal satisfaction, but argh! It would have been better if I hadn’t miss those tricks! Stay tuned for day 2, the revenge!

Stickers sticking before AcroMax

Sticking a paraglider is a job! A pretty serious one!

Last monday, after a nice flying week-end with my friend Adrian Hachen, the time has came to stick my wing with my sponsors and partners! Indeed, the first APWC of the season will start very soon now so, the job has to be done! Here are a few pictures of the work. Stay tuned those next days, I’ll post some live news every evening to inform you with crispy stories of what is really happening in Alesso, Italy!

AcroMax website is there!

Sticking session!
Fluo wings are fluo!

The Niviuk N-Gravity 3 is there!

Infinity over Villeneuve

Some wings are nice, but this one has obviously outdated all my expectations!

I‘m going to tell you some awesome news for me! After loads of emails at the beggining of the year, I’m proud to announce you that Niviuk is my new official partner for all my paragliding acro activites. It’s a real change in my acro carreer to have of one of the paragliding leaders by my side and I’m truly happy of this! It really is confortable to know that material won’t be an issue, especially when you’re quiet busy studying and don’t want to work all summer holidays to get the flying material you need. As you can see, Niviuk has been releasing they’re new acro wing, the N-Gravity 3 which is a fine tuned N-Gravity 2. The wing has been officially released at the beginning of june and is probably the “gun” of the year! But enough talk, enjoy the video I made from my first day flying this pretty cool wing!

Visit Niviuk NG3 official webpage here and share us your feelings on the official NG3 facebook page there

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