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Does it stop?

Yesterday I watched The Castle in the Sky, a film by Hayao Miyazaki produced in 1986. This is his third movie, he was 45 at that time. The scenario is quite interesting as it resonates with many concerns our world has nowadays. One, in particular, is the relationship between nature and technology.

Seated in a train, cruising to go study in HEIA-FR, I’m looking at the falling rain and my mind gets busy with a few technical questions. The field in front of the window is green with a few clouds caught by its hills. In an instant, a factory appears. The world seems to feel better without the industrial giants…

Such a clear cut from one world to the other doesn’t look like a symbiosis, but rather like disrespect of a nature that brought us here. It looks like the product of technological evolution serves the industrial optimization to a mesmerizing level, and I wonder: does it stop? In this burning world, shouting all it can how we destroy it (cf. MeteoSwiss), will the wisdom of humanity be strong enough to overcome the desire of growth of everyone? We, Homo sapiens, are we able to be as wise as we call us?

In the Castle in the Sky, Laputa, the hidden city in the sky of Miyazaki has been occupied by robots for a while. The will of a few to benefit from its supernatural powers has led to its destruction; will the Earth be like Laputa is an open question.