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The vast launch

A week like no other – Let me contextualize. At the end of last week, on the 28th of September, I did organize an event called Tree for Thirties. As the name suggest, it was about the celebration of my thirtieth year on this planet, and about trees.

According to the and their publication called “The global reforestation challenge”, trees are one of the way to mitigate climate change; so why not planting some of them? Personally, I don’t have the option to leave for Mars like Elon Musk; so yes, better start planting!

Fast forward a beautiful birthday with the people I love, I did collect enough money to plant a bit more that 500 trees with an organisation called; let’s hope that some people will enjoy their shadow and rest under their branches.

This party was also the official launch of my personal venture called In this project, I’d like to make my friends and passions converge to create a range of outdoor services and products that doesn’t exist on the market yet. Furthermore, because I start this project from zero, I’m making it with a value driven identity where I promote a responsible way to practice outdoor activities safely while taking care of your environment and the one of others.

Let’s see where it heads to, so far so good! Thanks to all the people who were there on this very nice party!